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Promoting Worker Wellbeing and Behavioral Health in the Home Building Industry Research Organization: National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

David Jaffe
VP, Legal Advocacy

This grant will be used by NAHB to fund and support its initiative to develop a more comprehensive approach to raising awareness about the importance of member mental health and wellness.  A primary objective of this project is to improve safety through the elimination of job-site injuries and fatalities resulting from behavioral health issues in the industry. Goals include improving awareness, facilitating discussion, destigmatizing mental health and addictions and taking a leadership position moving forward.  Resources will target individuals in their capacity as employers and employees, but also as builders, subcontractors, associate members, and importantly others who may be impacted, such as family members.  Young Professionals are also a key target to increase dialogue and intergenerational understanding about behavioral health and workplace culture.  As part of this grant, NAHB has partnered with the North Carolina Homebuilders Association (NCHBA) to launch the Blueprint for Worker Well-Being Pilot Program.