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Job-Site Safety Institute (JSI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conducting safety research for residential and commercial job-sites. We serve as a research center where educational institutions and industry leaders collaborate and exchange ideas to increase awareness of the inherent dangers of a construction site. The research conducted through JSI grants will produce studies that guide safety practices, set new standards, and influence worker behavior on job-sites.

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Having safety meetings (toolbox talks) on your construction site is key to your safety program. When used properly, these talks can be an effective method for teaching workers safety awareness and for conveying the importance your company places upon safety. Below is a sample of one of our toolbox talks videos - view our video gallery for more.

Toolbox talk - Disaster Response

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Safety matters.

According to CPWR, the number of fatal injuries in construction reached 1,102 in 2019,the highest level since before 2011.

Statistics like these show how vital our work is. We believe there’s “safety in numbers,” and will continue innovating in our efforts to improve them.

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