About JSI

Founded with an initial contribution from Builders Mutual, JSI became incorporated in 2014. Since its inception, JSI has funded significant research and educational tool development through grants with local, state and national partners. Ultimately, JSI will play a critical role in the reduction of job-site injuries and elimination of job-site fatalities.

Leadership Team

Executive Director

J. Gary Hill


Michael A. Gerber, President
Tom Lockard, Assistant Secretary Assistant Treasurer

Board of Directors

Erik Anderson, Board Chairman
Tim Minton, Secretary & Treasurer
Dr. Christine Branche
Willard (Buddy) Hughes
Robert Matuga
Brian Pace
Bill Schaffner
Mike Thibodeaux
Tom Trauger


JSI files a Form 990 each year to report information about our finances to the government.

2019 Form 990

2018 Form 990

2017 Form 990

2016 Form 990