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Job-Site Safety Institute Awards North Carolina State University Grant to Research Hazard Recognition in Construction

Jodi Vedelli 
(919) 227-0295

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA (January 30, 2018) – The Job-Site Safety Institute (JSI), a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to improving safety and protecting lives, is pleased to announce it has awarded a grant to North Carolina State University (NCSU).  The focus of this grant is to improve construction hazard recognition and awareness by researching the use of personalized hazard recognition training programs.

Use of personalized training programs in the construction industry is largely unexplored and many training programs are based on conventional classroom style methods that don’t prove as effective for adult learners.  Through this grant, NCSU will test the effectiveness of personalized hazard recognition training programs that include active, engaged learning and customized sessions based on the learners pre-existing knowledge and learning needs.  NCSU will also explore the possibility of using eye-trackers for safety training purposes.

Research conducted during the course of this grant will include the first field experiment to test a personalized hazard recognition training intervention at job-sites in North Carolina. Approximately twenty workers from different projects participating in the experiment will be asked to examine on-going work activity and identify hazards.  Key deliverables of the grant include creating a Hazard Identification Tool, Guide to Best Practices for Hazard Recognition, and video resources for toolbox talks and training.

“The construction job-site continues to be one of the leading locations for worker injuries in the country,” states Bill Schaffner, executive director of JSI.  “Our ability to recognize and prevent the exposures that lead to these accidents is a key part of the Job-Site Safety Institutes’ mission. Through this grant and our partnership with North Carolina State University, we look forward to learning about new ways technology can assist us in hazard recognition and prevention.”

“A large number of safety hazards remain unrecognized in construction workplaces and can result in unexpected safety incidents,” says Dr. Alex Albert, the principal investigator from NCSU.  “The research grant from JSI is expected to generate new knowledge that will improve our understanding of why construction hazards remain unrecognized.  Using this knowledge, robust interventions to improve hazard recognition levels will be developed and tested.”

About JSI                                 

Founded by Builders Mutual, the Job-Site Safety Institute (JSI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. This research and educational organization is dedicated to eliminating all job-site related injuries and deaths in the construction industry. Research by JSI will play a critical role in improving on-the-job safety and saving lives.