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Job-Site Safety Institute Announces Construction Safety Industry Veteran Rob Matuga as Executive Director

Mick McDonald

Raleigh, NC – The Job-Site Safety Institute (JSI), a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to improving safety and protecting lives is excited to announce that Rob Matuga has been named as Executive Director of the organization.

Matuga previously spent 21 years with the National Association of Home Builders, where he directed occupational safety and health regulatory activities, as well as job-site safety educational programs. He also served as the homebuilders liaison to OSHA, national safety organizations, and construction industry trade associations, as well as serving as a JSI Board Member.

“For the past seven years, I have appreciated working with the Job-Site Safety Institute as a Board Member and national partner, so I could not be more excited to be taking on the role of Executive Director,” said Matuga. “My career has been dedicated to preventing workplace accidents and injuries and I look forward to continuing this work with JSI to improve construction job-site safety. I intend to apply my safety experience and knowledge of the construction industry to ensure JSI plays a critical role in identifying safety innovations, developing workable solutions to control hazards, and eliminating jobsite fatalities.”

“We are so thrilled to bring Rob on board as the Executive Director of JSI,” said President of JSI Bill Schaffner. “Rob has decades of experience in the construction safety industry and knows JSI well from his time on the board. We know he will lead the charge as JSI continues its efforts to improve safety on job-sites nationwide.”

About JSI
Founded by Builders Mutual, the Job-Site Safety Institute (JSI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. This research and educational organization is dedicated to eliminating all job-site related injuries and deaths in the construction industry. Research by JSI will play a critical role in improving on-the-job safety and saving lives.